Colour Pop Photoshoot

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On the day of the shoot I finished last minute preparations like face charts and mood boards and I set up my hair and make up station at my house. I also bought some large A1 sheets of mountboard in four different colours which I pinned up on to a wall in my spare room. These were to be used as backdrops for the model to stand in front of during the photoshoot. I had also pre painted two full sets of stick on nails in the ombre theme to stick on my model for two different looks. I picked my model up at 5:15pm and brought her back to my house to prepare her for the shoot. Everything went to plan and I was really happy that my model has an ethnic background and she has very large lids to work on which showed off my make up really well. She also had lovely plump lips and clear skin which is great for the look I am trying to gain. The wig fit perfectly and her make up looked just as I had planned in my research and face charts. The photographer arrived at about 6:15 pm. I had chosen this photographer in a rush as I had no other options and my model was only available on this date. Unfortunately she was only an ametuer and had only taken a college course in the subject a few years back so I was a little nervous about how the images were going to turn out! However we went ahead and shot the look for about two hours until I felt we had enough images to work with and edit. We changed the look after the first hour which meant mainly just changing over the set of nails and adding glitter to the eyes. We struggled quite a lot with getting the correct lighting as my photographer didnt have any proffessional equipment apart from her camera. We tried different techniques like shooting outside but none of us were proffessionals so it was really hard to know if we had the right shot ready for editing. I looked through all of our images and I was happy that I had a few I could work with and use for my portfolio. I dropped the photographer and model back off at home after taking off her make up and wig.

What Problems I Encountered and

How I Over Came Them?

The main problem I encountered for this shoot was finding the right model and photographer who were available at the same time. I had enrolled onto some casting websites like model mayhem and star now but I was unlucky in my findings. Either I was unavailable when the photographers were available or the other way around. I had arranged my model to come on Tuesday 2nd April and this was the only date she had free during the Easter Break as she also had University and work commitments. I had chosen my model due to her ethnic background which I felt would work really well against the bright coloured wig and make up design. This decision meant that I was left on the day with a model and no photographer. I do have a friend who has briefly studied this subject and has some of the equipment needed for a photo shoot. However I was really wary about my final images looking un proffesional for my portfolio and I really needed my photographer to work with me to create high quality industry standard images. Unfortunately I wasnt left with any option and my friend willingly came along to help me. We struggled heavily with getting the lighting right. I referred constantly to my research and artistic direction and I could see that there were only a hand ful of images I could possibly work with to create my desired image. Looking back I can understand the importance of choosing a well experienced photographer, this reflects in the way my photographer has captured the model in comparison to my natural shoot. Aswell as me giving the model direction, the photographer at the natural shoot also had experience and knowledge of what will look good and how to use the right lighting and angles to capture what I wanted. having put a lot of effort and spending money on this look, to have it photographed to a standard I wasnt completely happy with was very frustrating, but unfortunately this was influenced by my lack of time and other commitments. If I had the time I would organise this shoot again.

After the shoot I was also faced with the problem of where to get my images edited. I asked around a few graphic designers and posted on my make up page for any volunteers. One editor replied but with a cost of £30 per photo! I thought this was a little extreme and being a student it was unfortunately an unrealistic price. Luckily for me the photographer I had worked with for my natural shoot came forward and said she would edit the images for free. This was fantastic as I knew she was skilled in this area and I felt I could trust her with my photos. While she was editing she advised me that most of the shots were out of focus which would look really bad when they were printed off large, she worked on all the ones she could taking away blemishes and cropping where needed. She also told me that some of the images were quite heavily shadowed due to the wrong lighting used and that it would be hard for her to adjust this without taking any of the colour out of the image.

The edited images are still not up to the standard I initially wanted but I am happy I have atleast one image I can use for my portfolio. I have learnt from this experience that choosing a photographer and editor with the right experience and knowledge is essential and that it makes my job a lot easier.

Did The Images Turn Out As I Expected?

Would I Change Anything?

The aim of this project was to create and image which really showed off my colour knowledge skills whilst still lokking proffessional and fashionable in its over all look. I wanted the final shot to look as though it would appear in a high end quirky magazine for media and other creative subjects such as dazed and confused and Pop. Looking back at the type of images I had found in my research I believe I hit this goal to a certain extent. Without boasting I genuinely feel my ideas, styling and overall direction has the potential to make It into this genre, yet other factors (lighting, equipment, photographer choice ) had a direct impact on the final quality of my image.

My initial research shows the start of where my ideas where heading. I wanted striking close up images where the colour really popped out of the page. With this as a starting point then went on to practise and experiment with different products and potential techniques.

To put it bluntly I can honestly say that my final images do not have enough development and unique input from my initial research. I keep referring back to my time limit and struggle to fit everything in which unfortunately was again the case for this look. Apart from my wig I had no face chart or idea set in place even on the day of my shoot. I feel the look I chose wasn’t to the best of my make up ability and it doesnt show off my individual creativity as well as it could.


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