My Picasso Inspired Photoshoot

photo 3


On the day of the shoot I picked my model up at 8:45 am. I started to prepare my model at my make up and hair station which I had set up at my home the night before. This process went according to plan and the model looked exactly as I wanted her to. As my model was required to wear a dress I packed a large coat and gloves for in between shoots as we were shooting outside. I also had quite a lot of equipment and props to pack so I checked and double checked again before we left. We set off to Leeds at 11:30 am, I had filled my car with petrol and typed the location in my sat nav the night before so not to cause any delays. On the way to the shoot I realised I had in fact forgotten one of my props which was a lollipop so I stopped at a service station and bought one. We arrived at the park around the same time as the other Make Up artists, models and photographer and we set to shooting straight away. We had previously met with the photographer and exchanged emails and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the area and what looks we wanted. Initially I was very nervous about how the look would look altogether as it is very abstract and random but I prepared my model and stood her in the position I was looking for. The photographer and I collaborated both our opinions and I feel we worked really well together and I stood behind him as he took the first shot. As he passed me the camera to show me how it looked I was overwhelmed with happiness as the image looked ten times better than I had hoped. This gave me so much more confidence for the rest of the shoot. We shot in two locations, the first in a wooded are of the park which added to the randomness of my idea because the model looked almost out place. The second was at a small castle area which gave an urban / edgy look to my images. I changed the props around according to what I felt fit best with the back drop and pose. Unfortunately my model had work at 4pm so we had to leave at this point, however I was so happy with all the images I had gained that we didn’t need to stay any longer anyway. I dropped my model back off at home at around 3:30pm.

Problems I Encountered On The Day and How I Over Came Them

As my model had such long heavy hair, the curls didn’t turn out as bouncy and high as I wanted them too. I took hairspray and a back comb with me to keep trying to add volume but unfortunately the hair fell quite a lot. It was also very windy on location which meant her hair was blowing about and getting untidy so I had to constantly step in to remove any stray hairs and keep it looking as smooth as possible. I did borrow some dark brown extensions to add to the models own hair to try and keep the hair full underneath, yet when I picked the model up I realised they were much darker than her natural hair colour. However, as I held them against her hair I decided it looked quite nice to have a few darker streaks coming through underneath. Overall, although the hair wasn’t exactly as I imagined, it still fitted in perfectly with the overall image so I am not disappointed. Although my chosen model works unsociable shifts and this wasn’t really an option, I have learnt that in the future It is necessary to have a practise run on the actual model I am using as I may have been able to overcome this hair problem earlier.

I don’t think I was fully prepared for the weather on the day, I live 90minutes away from the chosen location and It was very sunny and calm at my home when we set off. However when we got to Round hay Park there was still snow on the ground and it was really quite windy. Although I provided my model with the right equipment to keep her warm I forgot about myself in the madness of it all. I ended up being very cold and uncomfortable during the shoot. Luckily one of the other make up artist came over prepared and leant me a pair of her gloves but I must consider that this will not be the case on all shoots and I must prepare for this in the future. I learnt that not all make up location shoots are glamorous and warm.

On the day of the shoot I was extremely nervous about how the images were going to turn out, although I had done all my preparation and research, I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet with the photographer and look at his style or how professional his images were. I was so concerned that I wanted my images to be a really high quality and I was nervous about them looking amateur and unprofessional. I soon realised after meeting Mike that this was not the case and that he certainly knew his stuff. I was surprised to learn that he had taken some of his own time out to come to the park previously to look at what locations we could individually use for our required looks. This was very reassuring and it was clear that Mike was heavily intent on pleasing me and he was extremely easy to work and communicate with. I have definitely gained future connection from this shoot.

It was very windy on location and as the images I had printed off were stuck on card and then onto wooden sticks they were unfortunately blowing about quite a lot or falling off. We over came this problem by positioning my model against the wind so that if the images blew, they would do so onto her face rather than curling away. It was also a lot easier to avoid any wind in the second location as we were sheltered by the castle walls so we took advantage of this and shot most of our looks here.

I had initially styled the model to wear a chunky jewelled necklace, however on the day the necklace became tangled and the other make up artist or myself unfortunately could not get it undone. We had to shoot without the necklace which was slightly upsetting but I know for next time to either take a spare or try and fix any problems like this previously.

I had prepared some stick on nails for my model to wear, I had decided on a colour that matched best with the necklace and the styling but unfortunately I could not use them as my model already had some nails on. I had asked her to come without any but she must have forgotten. Luckily for me the nails she had on were bright pink and worked perfectly with the whole image and the other colours I had chosen. I might even say they were a better match then the colour I had chosen myself.

Did The Look Turn Out As I Expected and Would I Change Anything?

This look came about through trial and error. I sat in front of my mirror looking at my research, my inspirations, and how I could create my own unique twist on the look. I kept referring back to my research on picasso and the definition of Cubism which was that “objects or features were broken up, analysed and re – assembled in an abstracted form.”

When I came across my idea I knew instantly that this would enable me to create the professional looking, fashion inspired, random image that I was stressing so much about achieving.

It wasn’t until after I had decided on this look that I realised it had been done quite a few times before in different ways already and therefore wasn’t quite as unique as I had initially expected. However this did not put me off because I knew my look would be different depending on other factors like the location and styling.

Although I had practised this look on myself previous to the shoot I unfortunate did not have the chance to put the whole look together or make any necessary amendments so I was very nervous about the overall look. I was worried that If it didn’t turn out as I imagined I didn’t really have any time to do it all again. However the look came together perfectly.

If I could change anything I would attempt at photographing the features from different angles instead of just straight on, for example the profile of a face and then photographing the final whole look straight on. I believe this would probably fir in better with picassos personal style. Although this idea is stretched quite a lot it is still primarily heavily inspired by picassos look and I wanted to use this opportunity to really expand my creativity and produce a look which would be completely different to any others I have in my portfolio. I feel I achieved this and I absolutely love the images.


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