My Natural Make Up Shoot!


On the day of the shoot I picked my model up from her job at 5:00pm in Manchester City Centre, This was an easier option as public transport would have taken her over an hour to get back to my house. I had previously set up my hair and make up station at my house and I had filled my car with petrol and entered the adress of her work and for the photographer in my sat nav. I asked my model to have clean hair and no make up as this would make the whole process a lot quicker and easier.

We arrived at my house about 6:15 and I encountered no problems whilst preparing my models hair and make up for the shoot. I hadnt decided on a specific hairstyle as I hadn’t had chance to meet my model before the shoot and so I wasn’t sure what length or thickness I was working with. I ended up improvising but I was really happy with how it turned out. My model was extremely to work with and apply make up to and She was very happy to help wherever possible. I was also quite nervous about wether the clothes I had purchased for my model would fit properly, I purchased the clothes for my model the day before from HnM, my model was only a size 8-10 so I couldnt fit her into anything I already had. Although I had purchashed the clothes in the size she told me she was, I am aware that different stores have different sizing guides, however they fit her quite well and we set off to the photographers house.

When we arrived at the photographers, around 8pm, I introduced her to my model and I showed her the images I had collected for my research to give her some direction with the shoot. I had worked with this photographer before at weddings so I knew she was god at photographing and editing natural images and I was confident she would provide the right type of images I was looking for. The shoot went really well and my model really got into it. It came quite natural to her to pose in the correct way nd I was happy that her positioning didnt look too forced. I stood behind the photographer to see the images as they were appearing on her camera and I was getting more enthusiastic as I realised how good the images were looking. I shared this exctement with the model which helped with her confidence.

We changed looks after about twenty minutes and then again after another twenty minutes. The photographer talked me through everything she was doing, the types of lightig she was choosing and why and she showed me some shots every few minutes. This was really helpful and I realised just how important it is to have the right photographer and how indepth the lighting and equipment is in this field. We left the photographers house around 9:15pm and I dropped my model back off at home. I took the models clothes back to HnM the next day.

What Problems Did I Encounter On The Day And How Did I Over Come Them?

My photographer had adviced me that anything fluffy and textured around the face would help contrast with the skin making it look smoother and more flawless. My model had very naturally straight hair and I had decided to back comb it to create this effect. Unfortunately no matter how much I back combed her hair it would continually keep on going nack straight and flopping on both or one side. I took my comb and hairspray to the photographers house but unfortunately I ran out of hairspray on the second look. Luckily the next look required the model to wear her hair down but I know in future to take more back up products with me incase this ever happened again.

I originally wanted my model to have some full length shots as I wanted the final images to replicate a photoshoot used in a magazine for a fashion look. Unfortunately which I didnt realise, the photographers back drop only went down to floor level, it didnt allow my model to stand on top of. This meant that we could only get 2/3 shots from the waist upwards. At first I was a little disapointed but then I realised closer images are probably more appropriate for a make up portfolio.

Did The Look Turn Out As I Expected And Would I Change Anything?

This look was supposed to show that I can apply a no make up look aswell as the more complicated looking make ups I have in my portfolio. I do struggle sometimes being able to stop myself from applying more and more make up but this type of look is essential for me to gain commercial jobs in the industry. I think I started on the right track in my research and I did have a few ideas in my head that I think would have worked really well. However due to the amount of work I have and other commitments I found myself really struggling with time to practise these ideas or put them down on paper. Due to this severe lack of time I ended up really rushing this look and I actually went onto the shoot without any face charts down on paper.

One thing I was confident about was my contouring skills. I had spent quite a bit of time looking at different contouring techniques using liquid, cream and powder by different proffessionals. I really wanted to show the structure of the face in this shoot without applying too much make up. However, apart form being happy with the base, on the day of the shoot, I still hadnt practised the hair and I had only attempted the make up on myself. I believe I bought the right products for this look as I wanted some raw earthy colours to compliment the natural theme. The green and purple pigments I used were a perfect colour but I feel if I applied them slightly differently ( applied it more sparingly and close to the lash line instead of over the full lid) I could have created a more natural and raw looking make up. To sum this look up I do think I could have done a better job when I look back at what my aim were. I took a lot of time worrying about the styling, the model choice and the hair rather than getting deep into what the make up should be. If I had enough time I would probably try this look again, or arrange another shoot with really minimum make up. However, the looks still show very commercial make up which will definetely gain me work in the industry when I am self employed so in a way I have achieved some of my expectations. I am also quite satisfied that I have some much more natural looks from previous bridal shoots that I can slip into my portfolio aswell.


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