Photoshop me thin!


A few weeks ago I learnt some really beneficial tips for Photoshop. The aim of my WBL lesson was to look at how I could edit some of my final images ready for portfolio use. I have previous experience with this program from my Graphics course but that was over three years ago and things on there seemed to have changed quite a lot. It was so interesting to learn how to clean images up including blemishes, out of place hairs and glitter and changing the brightness. However for me the  tool I find the most interesting on there is the liquifying tool. This allows you to completely change the appearance of someone’s body shape, as you can see in my images below, my model was thin to start with so there isn’t a dramatic change but it does allow me to see how the press and photo editors change celebrities appearances in the media.







Other useful tips for my portfolio are…..

Re-sizing my images- this is useful when printing my work as certain printers will crop sections of my work if they don’t print in that size. This is done by clicking on images, then image size, and changing the width and the height appropriately.

Change the resolution- For a website it is best to change the resolution of your image to 72, this is so other people cannot copy the image and pass it off as there own as when they print it will be too pixel-ated. For my portfolio, I can change the resolution up to 402 which will make it a crisp clear image even when it is printed big.

Re-touch- Using tools such as the spot healing, cloning and skin smoothing, I can take away any imperfections on the face which will save me money in editing and help my images look more professional whilst hopefully complimenting my make up.





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