Colour POP!

Picture 2

For this colour pop image I want in my portfolio, I want to use bright ‘poppy’ colours that will jump out of the page when you look at it! Like the images I have collated I have tried opposite to create something similar on myself as an initial practise.

I used powder eye shadows ( all from Mac) for my first attempt. Initially I worked on top of the make up I already had on and the colours don’t ‘pop’ out against my already quite orange complexion. I decided then to take my make up off and start again with a much paler base and no blush or bronzer to take away from the eye make up. This worked much better! I was scared to put too much product on and I think it is essential to watch where you are placing the colours and how they all work next to each other. I kept my warmer colours on the top of the lid and my cooler at the bottom and this seemed to work well. I also kept my colour mainly on the top of the lid and only a thin line under so not to distort the features too much. I didn’t really consider any colour theory in this practise so I may do this next time and compare. I would like to try using some cheaper palettes I have seen as they have brighter colours than the ones I used.

My aim was not to create pattern, ( I have found that without the use of black to outline a pattern it can end up looking unfinished and wishy washy). Instead I wanted to create splashes and bursts of colour without much blending or particular place.

As many of the images I have collected I chose not to add any eyeliner, I did not try to this so I cannot compare too as I am already happy with just using mascara on a look like this and I was worried about ruining the look by adding too much! I think black will stop the colours from jumping out at you but I will attempt this on another practise.

Another technique I attemptedto create was a glossy eye! This is simply created by adding a layer of clear lip gloss at the very end of your look. I did find it quite hard to blend without smudging the shadow in any way but I love the effect it gives so I may attempt this look again! The image would have to be photographed up close to see the shine and the gloss would have to be placed on just before the image is taken as it runs very easily! However for photographic this isn’t much of a problem.

Finally I attempted this colour pop look with greasepaints. Again these worked really well and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The good thing about these greasepaints is you can get intense bright colour, however they are hard to blend into each other which is why I chose to create a more structured look. These products are quite wet looking but I do not think that is a bad feature. I think for this product less is more so I would like to try again keeping the make up very minimal.

Picture 3


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