Brow Blocking!! The “Pritt Stick” Method

Brow Blocking!!

This method is cheap, quick and simple.

The technique Is similar to all the other ways of blocking out brows and if you have used another method before then this will be familiar, however, to put it simply…

  • Brush the glue through the brows, ensuring you get it behind the brow and onto the skin, so that the hairs have something to stick down onto.

  • Powder thoroughly.

  • Repeat the above until you are happy with the result.

  • Cover your brow area in concealer and foundation and powder again.

The good thing about this method is that you can buy the products from most local supermarkets and craft stores so it will be easy to get hold off last minute. Compared to products like spirit gum and pros-aide it is relatively inexpensive. It is safe to use on the face and can be removed easily so no major safety precautions need to be put in place.

The difficulty with using pritt stick on the eyebrows is creating a smooth overlay without any bumps or hair texture showing through. I found with both of the practises that you could still slightly see the colour and texture of the eyebrow underneath. On my second attempt I tried adding more layers and although the brow became less visible, the product became harder to smooth down and left obvious bumps. This technique would be suitable for drag or fancy dress work as the subject is usually further away. However in comparison to professional industry images this technique (depending on your intended outcome) would leave too obvious brows for a close up, detailed, photographic shoot. I would not personally feel happy walking onto a set with my models eyebrows blocked in this way. However if the brows were to be covered afterwards like the image I have created above, then this technique would work well enough.

Picture 4




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