Body Paint Demo

Body paint Session

As part of my 25 hours of experimenting and practising for this project I began by looking at the different techniques and products that can be used in body paint. The aim of this task is to understand how I can create my creature and which products will work best with my design. Polly began by showing us how patterns and marks can be made on the skin using almost anything you can get your hands on, by stencilling, spraying, sponging, blending, flicking and painting. The session made me realise how limitless this project can be in terms of design. Not only can the creature look like anything inhuman, but the process in which to create the creature is equally as wide. Polly showed the class a small amount of these processes and I now intend to develop my 

knowledge by using my time to experiment with materials and methods myself. I found it particularly interesting to watch how Polly used highlighting, contouring and shadowing on the models neck and collar bones to change the appearance. It shows that I can use many of the transferable skills I already know (including colour theory ) in my designs. My intentions are to continue looking at what kind of creature I would like to design, however I do not want to settle on a definite final idea as m


y experimentation may alter my choice. I came away from the session initially feeling quite bewildered at the task ahead of me and wh

ere to begin. Yet after a quick chat with Polly I have realised that I can find inspiration for this from a range of places including children’s stories, historical characters, artists and animals. ( just to name a few ). The next 

step of my design process is to look at previous examples of body art and places I can find inspiration from, I want my creature to ha

ve character and depth as I feel this could help portray a realistic effect. The creature can be anything inhuman, including alien / fan

tasy, animal, vegetable ( tree ), underwater, mythical. It can even be a mixture of all of the previous.

Picture 3

We also had the chance in this session to practise using paints, sprays, glitter and stencils ourselves. In teams we used brown paper to stencil the human form and then had free reign on how it was coloured. This gave me an opportunity to see how hard it might be to blend colours and add patterns and layers on a ‘skin like’ texture. I found it harder to come up with ideas of how to change the appearance and the human form in a short period and as a team we changed our mind on the design several times. This did allow us to practise several ways of colouring though which was very helpful! I want to turn up to my next lesson with at least one pattern to follow and experiment with, this way I will have an aim and an end result using different mediums that I can compare against each other. I must consider my model, postiche and creative hair work, nail art, costume and how my final look will be photographed. I also learned today to think about factors such as body hair, breast size and removing the body paint. I will consider all of these in my design process and body charts.

Picture 2


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