Sugar Skull Rush ….

This is my quick and simple step by step guide on how to create a basic Sugarskull.

photo 4

photo 5

But first a liitle history…

What is a Sugar Skull?

Sugar skulls originate from the Mexican traditional holiday called “day of the dead”. This month long celebration honors and celebrates the lives of the living and those of the deceased. Rituals include dancing with wooden skull masks in memory of past relatives and building altars out of these masks which can be worshipped.

Small skulls made from sugar are decorated with the names of a dead relative and are eaten by family members.

(These images were found at

These skulls represented the dead souls which are believed to visit during this celebration.

Sugar skulls are becoming more and more common amongst the world of fashion make up and art, and this is my attempt.

Step 1

Step 1

Start by painting your face (apart from your eyes) with a white cream make up or face paint.

I used white snazaroo.

Step 2

photo 3

Colour in the circles around your eyes with whatever colour you like.

For this I used a pink greasepaint which I sealed with a Mac pink pigment.

Step 3

photo 4

Shade in the crease of your eye to give the look more depth. Using a thing brush and a waterproof black gel or liquid eyeliner, start to create patterns around the eye and add ‘skull’ like features.

I used MAC Blacktrack eyeliner.

Step 4

photo 5

Continue decorating your face with your eyeliner, look on the internet for pattern inspiration!

photo 1-1

Step 5

photo 3

Add some colour to your pattern, I chose to use the same colour pink I used around the eyes to keep it together. Shade some of your patterns to add more depth and contour tour cheekbones to give a drawn skeleton effect. 

If you want to add some glamour to your sugar skull you can stick gems and sequins onto your face aswell.

For my final image I added some flowers in my hair.

photo 2


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