Love Thy Brows

Before Chirstmas my University class were split into groups of four or five and asked to produce a business idea and plan related to the Make Up industry. This idea was to be presented in a Dragons Den fashion to our peers and tutors. The idea is intended to benefit us as make up artists and the winning idea would be developed upon and work on in semester two by the whole year.

After much deliberation and throwing ideas around, my team, which consisted of, Jessica Tressider, Hannah Daveron and Laura Escritt, decided upon the idea of stick on / personalised eyebrows. It was initially intended for period work or to be developed under the NHS for illness and patients with hair loss. However we felt as studying make up artists we had found it difficult to experiment with eyebrow designs in the fashion and theatre part of our course.

Using the same knotting techniques we had previously learnt in  Media and Postiche, we adapted our eyebrows so that they could be stuck on without getting glue into the existing hairs.

My job role was to design the logo for the company along with some posters, the packaging for the eyebrow, and  to create one prototype to show the ‘dragons’. The prototype is made up by sewing sequins onto fronting lace. An eyebrow made for someone with hair loss would be made in the same way by knotting hair onto lace.

This is the logo I designed using a font from

We wanted it to be delicate and feminine yet simple, professional and elegant. Our target audience is mainly women or drag queens of all ages.

Love Thy Brows

The packaging on the thumbnail gallery at the top of this blog post is inspired by those of eyelash packaging found in stores like Superdrug, Boots and Sallys. Unless your eyebrows were part of an NHS system, this is where we would be aiming to sell our product.

photo 3


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