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Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed special effects this semester! I have enjoyed the hands on side of it and getting down and dirty with all the products and materials. To me this is what special effects is all about. In addition to this I have also thoroughly enjoyed the art and design side of things, I come from an artisitic background and it led me to this course, so I am thrilled that I get to practise that side of my work also. I believe it really helps in the overall completion of a design to be successful to participate in development and drawing. I will be sad when martin goes as I believe his knowledge and way of teaching has changed my opinion on special effects completely, I feel I have learnt more this semester than I have all year.

I think the assignment brief was a little confusing at first and I didnt really understand what was expected of me. However this is always the case at the start of the semester when all your assignments are handed to you at once. I am happy with my character and my mould and I believe the shape I have created is recogniseable as Miss Piggy. I am only hoping that this combined with the make up application and costume will result in a well executed prosthetic design. I am worried at the moment as I believe it could go either way.

There were aspects of the making of the prosthetic which I found more difficult than others. For example I have ended up colouring my prosthetic sillicone piece with make up as I could not get the hand of the technique taught to us by Sue Day. This is a problem I have had to work around and I will not now until my assessment day wether it will pay off.

I feel I have gained a lot more product knowledge and I am confident in using products correctly, I feel from the sessions I have had and the notes I have made, I could complete a sillicone piece on my own successfully.

I think it would have been easier for me to take a part of someones features to sculpt and make instead of using such a large piece. It is quite heavy and I am worried that it may not stick wel enough.

Overall I am quite happy with my piece and I feel it does exctly what the brief has asked of me.

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