No-one Will Be Copying Me!

It seems the links and options when creating a blog are endless.

Today I have learnt how to create a menu on my home page, this allows all of my work to be separated into sub categories depending on the subject. One of these categories is recommendations. I believe this is essential for any Make Up page or portfolio as it allows other potential clients to see how your work has been analysed. I intend to gather feedback from all of my future work experience and add it to this section. You can find on the top right hand side of my blog.

I also learnt a little more about copyright, this is what I found out…

Copyright is a way of ensuring that nobody else passes off your work as their own. This often happens when you upload any of your work onto the internet. Anybody could easily copy and paste my picture and use in their own blog, or in their personal University work.

I will ensure I do not breach copyright on my blog by crediting other peoples work whenever I upload an image that is not my own.

There a few simple steps to be taken to make sure your blog is personally copyright protected, here is a step to step guide….

1. Go to dashboard.

2. Click on Widgets.

3. Select a text box and drag this to your footer or primary sidebar.

4. When the text box opens type…

Copyright © 2012 (your name). All Rights Reserved.

5. Click on save

My copyright can be found under the About section which can be found on my menu at the top right of my page.



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