Some Of the Cats Make Up I did


Tonight I took part in some work experience at The Playhouse Theatre in Halifax.

It had all been arranged by Natalie Burrows and she had already designed the Make Up for each 37 members of the cast.

The show started last night and plays until Saturday, but unfortunately, due to work priorities I could only help out tonight.

It was such an enjoyable experience and everyone involved was so helpful and polite. Natalie did such a good job and her make up charts were clear and easy to follow. I’m not sure I could have taken something like that on on top of everything else.

We had a team of around 10 make up artists, and we had to set up and work in quite a small room. We had already been asked to bring face paints, greasepaints, eye shadows and lip colours but the production team provided most of the products we needed which helped a lot.

It was nice to be around the hustle and bustle behind the scenes of a theatre show, and thankfully because everything had been arranged so well, there was no stress! I had time to record a quick video showing the team in progress so take a look if you get chance.

We successfully completed all the make up with about 10 minutes to spare, I have uploaded some of the images I took tonight and I will add some more professional images at a later date.


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