Wigs and Flowers…

As part of my media make up task last year I had to create a file containing information about make up history. This book provides me with a continual reference to make up through the eras, I can look back on this for future jobs and I can add to it as I go along. The task has broadened and stretched my knowledge of make up and I am now much more aware and confident at picking certain products to recreate a historical or modern look.

 My favourite part of the task was creating a fashion look for catwalk or photographic, as a class we paid for a proffessional photographer to come and work with us on the day of assessment and it provided me with some excellent images for my portfolio. I thoroughly enjoyed working with a professional photographer and I feel I was able to expand my creative flair to its limits. I also believe I can now apply a “no make up look” to a good standard which is much harder than it sounds.

 My main obstacle throughout this project was time, the amount of work was sometimes overwhelming and I feel this stopped me from being motivated and creative enough at times.


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