Beautiful Brides

The first Bridal Make Up I did was in February 2012!

It was another successful result from my Facebook Make-Up page.

I had previously done a trial for the bride and three bridesmaids a couple of weeks before at the brides home.

As this was my first ever wedding package I set my prices very low, if anything they were doing me a favor just as much as I was them. The trial was completely free, and I charged £25 per person for make up on the day, this included eyelashes! Although I have still not decided which path I would like to pursue in Make up, this one experience provided vital experience needed for my future career.

I realised on the day of the trial that each member of the party wanted completely different make up than the rest, they were all very different in appearance, and all completely different to work on.

At this point my kit was just growing and I didn’t feel I had enough color ranges for the occasion. Therefore I asked each member to bring a sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation with them. I personally think this is the best base for any wedding make up, it provides a full and flawless coverage, and it lasts all day, no top ups required!

Luckily, everyone was happy with the trial!

The morning of the wedding was rather stressful, I arrived at a very busy hotel room about 8:30am. The hairdresser also arrived a few minutes later.

Apart from the bride, three bridesmaids, hairdresser and myself, there was also a photographer, the father of the bride, one child under the age of 10, and two children under the age of 2!

I set my kit up on the bed and each bridesmaid had their makeup done one by one in front of the window, so I had as much natural light as possible.

Finally the bride had her make up done and I helped get her into her dress before she left for the wedding.

Since then I have had several more bridal Make Ups requested. I have been fortunate enough to have been provided with some wonderful images from proffessional photographers which are essential for my portfolio. Heres a sneak peak at some of these….



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